Sat. Aug 17th, 2019

Why use Linux?

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This is the only question that most people ask. Why bother learning a completely different computer environment, when the operating system shipped with most desktop computers, laptops and servers works fine? To answer that question, I have another question. Does this operating system you currently use really work “very well”? Or are you constantly fighting against viruses, malware, slowdowns, collisions, costly repairs and licensing fees?

If you fight with the above and want to free yourself from the constant fear of losing data or taking your computer for “annual cleaning”, Linux might be the perfect platform for you. Linux has become one of the most reliable computing ecosystems on the planet. Combine this reliability with zero entry cost and you have the perfect solution for an office platform.

This is true, zero entry cost … as free. You can install Linux on as many computers as you want without paying a cent for software or server licenses (including the expensive Microsoft Client Access License (CAL)).

Let’s look at the cost of a Linux server compared to Windows Server 2012. The price of Windows Server 2012 software alone can reach $ 1,200 USD. This does not include CALs and licenses for other software that you will need to run (such as a database, a Web server, a mail server, etc.). With the Linux server … everything is free and easy to install. In fact, installing a complete Web server (which includes a database server) is just a few clicks or commands (see “Easy Installing the LAMP Server” to get an idea of ​​how simple it is).

If you are a system administrator, working with Linux is a dream come true. More daily babysitting servers. In fact, Linux is also close to “set and forget” as you will see. And, on the risk, a service on the server requires restart, reconfiguration, upgrade, and so on. … most likely, the rest of the server will not be affected.

Whether it’s the desktop or a server, if the zero cost is not enough to spoil you … How about having an operating system that will work smoothly, provided you use it? I have personally used Linux for almost twenty years (as a desktop and server platform) and I have no problems with malicious software, viruses or random slowdowns of the computer. It’s stable. And does the server restart? Only if the kernel is updated. It is not normal for the Linux server to spend years without being restarted. Stability and reliability

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