Sat. Aug 17th, 2019

Using Bluetooth. Make Android distribute the Internet on Linux

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in this topic, we will explain how to make Ubuntu connect to the WiFi network that Android has connected to. This means that you will make your Android device as a Hotspot or Internet distributor so that Ubuntu can pick up the Internet and run it on your computer. (* Bluetooth is required on your computer )

  • Make sure Bluetooth is turned ON and Visible for other devices, using Bluetooth settings.
  • Now click on the “+” sign below to add or pair with a new device, and in our case the new device is Android.

Select the desired device and press Next, then a window will appear on your phone to confirm your request for pairing between the devices, and on your computer a window will also appear in it, press ‘Matches

  • once the pairing process is successful, you can now share and run your phone’s Internet on Ubuntu, but you’ll need to do the following:
  • Enable Bluetooth tethering on your Android device through Settings – Wireless & networks – Tethering & portable hotspot – Bluetooth tethering (Arabic: Settings – Networks – Connectivity and Mobile Points – Connecting via Bluetooth).
  • Now go to Ubuntu, specifically to the network icon on the top bar, click on Edit Connections, you will see a new submenu called Bluetooth, as in the picture, double-click to activate it, now simply click the network icon in the top bar and click on the network name For Android to connect to the Internet.

There is one negative about this method is that the signals transmitted by the Bluetooth is sometimes subject to interference, which affects the speed, so the speed of Wi-Fi will not be in real image

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