June 2, 2023

This David Bowie-Edition Stylophone Lets You Channel the ‘Space Oddity’ Sound – Review Geek


Person holding a Dubreq Bowie-edition Stylophone

Even if you’ve never heard of an electronic instrument called the Stylophone, you’ve probably heard a song or two that uses it. Think David Bowie’s iconic 1969 song Space Oddity. Now, you can own a Bowie-edition version of the cool synthesizer.

Bowie has used the nifty little synth in several of his songs, including Slip Away. Although he’s far from the only musical group to use the instrument—you can hear in songs from bands and artists like Kraftwerk, Flaming Lips, They Might Be Giants, and John Lennon—it is probably most associated with him.

Stylophones are fairly easy to use, as you’ll use a stylus onto a surface that looks like a flat keyboard, with each area representing a note just like on a piano. It has a three-way octave switch, a vibrato switch, a built-in speaker, a headphone jack, and is small enough to be held in your hand or stored in a bag should you want to take it on the go. They’re easy to play, even for novice musicians and synth users.

This Bowie-edition Stylophone, made by Dubreq, is a fun limited-edition version of the original instrument and makes for a swell tribute to the iconic musician. And, yeah, it’s also a ton of fun to tinker around with and play. It features a Bowie logo on the front and includes a fun booklet filled with archive photos of him and information about his legendary music. Oh, and if you want to pick one up, you can snag one on Dubreq’s website for just $40.

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