December 10, 2023

Safari for iPhone and iPad Just Got a Lot More Powerful



There’s plenty of good stuff in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. One of the most exciting aspects of the OS that isn’t getting enough hype is mobile Safari extensions. 1Password has kicked things off by releasing a desktop-like extension for its password manager that users will love.

1Password’s Mobile Safari Extension

The 1Password Safari extension looks very similar to the desktop version of the extension. While Apple made it so you can autofill passwords from an app like 1Password a while ago, having it integrated directly into the browser creates a more desktop-like experience that’ll make dealing with your passwords more pleasant.

In the app’s description, 1Password describes its extension as “our desktop-class Safari extension for 1Password members using the latest version of iOS and iPadOS!”

Based on early impressions, it really looks like a desktop experience. It makes us rather excited for what other app developers could do with desktop-like extensions on iPhone and iPad.

Some of the features offered by the extension include contextual inline filling suggestions, the ability to fill in logins, credit cards, identities, email addresses, and addresses, auto-filling two-factor authentication codes, QR code scanning for easy setup of two-factor authentication, and plenty of other stuff.

Future Mobile Safari Extensions

The release of 1Password for mobile Safari is just the first step in what we hope will be a long line of Safari extensions. There’s already been a Honey extension release, and we expect plenty of other popular desktop extensions to make their way to mobile Safari.

It feels like this could be the start of mobile browsers genuinely competing with their desktop counterparts in ways they never could before. Just imagine what your mobile browser could doo with full extensions and how much better it would be.


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