February 26, 2024

Rumored Google Pixel Foldable Could Arrive Later This Year – Review Geek


Google Pixel Fold Concept
Pixel Fold Concept

Until just recently, foldable phones seemed like a futuristic device out of reach for most buyers. Now, Samsung’s on its third Galaxy Fold Z, a more affordable folding phone for the mainstream crowd. And while we’ve heard rumors of a Google Pixel Fold for over a year, new reports suggest Google might finally be ready to steal Samsung’s thunder.

Yes, following what feels like three years of rumors, new reports suggest that Google’s Pixel Fold will get released within the next few months. According to Evleaks on Twitter, the foldable Pixel — codenamed “Passport,” could arrive before years end after two years of development.

Furthermore, 9to5Google has found evidence of another Pixel Fold, or at least an updated model, one they’re calling “Jumbojack.” We still don’t know too much about either device, or there are actually two in development, but it’s undoubtedly a positive sign and good news.

There are several instances of a folding phone being tested by Google running the unreleased Android 12 update. During the testing, there’s mention of a new “posture” in the Android API. Posture controls positions you’d typically find on a folding phone, like opened, closed, half-closed, flipped, or hinged. And while that might not be included in Android 12, we’ll likely see it with the first follow-up update to Android 12.1.

If the upcoming Pixel 6 Pro is any indication, Google will be going all-in on the foldable and likely release a capable phone that can rival Samsung’s latest and greatest. However, given the information currently available, it’s unknown whether Google will unveil the Fold during the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro launch or wait until later in the year to debut said rumored device.

Either way, it looks like the Google Pixel Fold is real and potentially coming in the next few months.

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