December 10, 2023

Roku Introduces New Affordable Streaming Sticks, Launches OS 10.5 Update – Review Geek


Banner for the "more powerful than ever" Roku Streaming Stick 4K and Streaming Stick 4K+

Roku is replacing its popular Streaming Stick+ with a new product, the Streaming Stick 4K. At $50, it offers a ton of new features and improvements, such as a 30% faster startup time. The company has also announced a new Streaming Stick 4K+ player, a TCL Roku wireless soundbar, and the Roku OS 10.5 update.

Like the Streaming Stick+, the new Streaming Stick 4K dongle supports 4K HDR video and comes with a Voice Remote. But thanks to a new processor, the Streaming Stick 4K also offers Dolby Vision HDR support, faster load times, a 30% faster bootup time, and an upgraded Wi-Fi receiver that doubles streaming performance. The $70 Streaming Stick 4K+ is identical to its little sibling but comes with a rechargeable Voice Remote Pro.

Banner for Roku OS 10.5 showing a TV with the new software.

Roku also plans to launch a TCL Roku TV Wireless Soundbar for smart TVs running Roku software (not streaming sticks). It should automatically pair with Roku TVs and seamlessly integrate with their volume controls. And for anyone looking for a deal, Roku is refreshing the Walmart-exclusive Roku Ultra LT with increased storage (Roku hasn’t specified how much storage), improved Wi-Fi, and Dolby Vision Support. Feature-wise, the $80 Roku Ultra LT is essentially on par with the $100 Roku Ultra.

Along with its new hardware, Roku announced that it’s now rolling out the OS 10.5 firmware update. This update is very audio-focused, adding support for 3.1 or 5.1 Roku speaker configurations plus an audio syncing troubleshooter for wireless speakers. Interestingly, this update also lets you pin the Roku Channel to your home page for easy access to free live TV.

You can now pre-order the Roku Streaming Stick 4K and Streaming Stick 4K+ on Amazon or the Roku website. Both devices are expected to ship October 14th. The TCL Roku TV Wireless Soundbar goes on sale this October alongside the Walmart-exclusive Roku Ultra LT. (We don’t have a link for the TCL Roku TV Wireless Soundbar yet—sorry!)

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