February 26, 2024

OnePlus 9T Is Canceled, Says CEO Pete Lau – Review Geek


a photo of the OnePlus 9 Pro
Cameron Summerson

OnePlus follows all of its phone releases with upgraded T-Series devices, such as the OnePlus 7T and 8T. But fans waiting to buy a OnePlus 9T are out of luck. The company is revising its sales strategy as it merges with sister brand Oppo, and as a result, the OnePlus 9T is officially canceled.

“This year we will not be launching a T-series product.” That’s a quote from OnePlus CEO Pete Lau, who confirmed the 9T’s cancellation in a roundtable interview with The Verge. As he puts it, Oneplus will not launch a flagship-level device until 2022, when it will debut the first phone running a unified version of OnePlus’ OxygenOS and Oppo’s ColorOS.

In theory, the unified operating system will combine OxygenOS’ speedy and lightweight design with ColorOS’s reliability and custom features. It will also decrease development time for the now-merged OnePlus and Oppo development teams, which should result in more frequent updates and extended software support for future devices.

Lau claims that the OxygenOS and ColorOS codebases were merged in June, and that OnePlus 9-series devices will receive the first beta this October. The beta will arrive on OnePlus 8-series devices in December, and eventually, it will find its way to all OnePlus devices that still receive software support. (OnePlus flagships get three years of support, Nord devices get two years, and Nord N-series devices get one year.)

We expect to see OnePlus change a lot over the coming years, and the “new” operating system is just a small taste of the future. Oppo and OnePlus are now collaborating on new products, and as a result, the companies must adjust their sales strategies to maximize profit. Also, some of the talented minds at OnePlus may be released or replaced—a Bloomberg report shows that Oppo and OnePlus have combined their R&D teams, leading to redundancies and mass layoffs.

That said, we’re optimistic about the merged OxygenOS and ColorOS. Pete Lau claims that, while the operating systems are technically identical, exclusive features and software design will help differentiate OnePlus phones from Oppo handsets.

Source: The Verge


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