February 26, 2024

HomePod Mini Is About to Become an Apple TV’s Best Friend


Using a HomePod Mini

If you use Apple HomeKit as your go-to smart home service, iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 bring with them plenty of new features that’ll make your smart home better, including the ability to use a HomePod Mini as a speaker for Apple TV.

What Did HomeKit Get With iOS 15?

With the latest version of Apple’s mobile OS, you can now use one or two HomePod Mini speakers with Apple TV, creating a more enjoyable audio experience than you’ll get with just your TV speakers. This feature was previously only available on the full-sized HomePod (which Apple doesn’t make anymore), so it’s a welcomed addition to the Mini. Additionally, you can hook the Mini up to a TV through ARC / eARC to get sound from other devices.

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Another HomePod Mini feature is the ability to use Siri on your HomePod Mini to control your Apple TV. You can turn it on and off, start a series or movie, or control playback.

There are plenty of features related to cameras with HomeKit, as well. For example, you can use HomeKit cameras to notice packages for you, so you’ll know when something is delivered. You can also see multiple cameras feeds on Apple TV, the ability to unlimited cameras to HomeKit Secure Video as long as you have an iCloud Plus 2TB plan.

Siri is getting some other improvements related to HomeKit, too. The assistant will work on speaker-enabled HomeKit accessories, though there’s currently only one model available, and the feature isn’t out yet. Siri is also getting timed commands. For example, you could say, “Hey Siri, turn off the lights at 9 pm,” and it would perform the action at that time.

Finally, Apple Watch’s Home app is getting huge improvements that’ll make it better at working with your HomeKit accessories.

HomeKit Is Getting Better and Better

Apple is definitely behind Google and Amazon regarding its smart home system, but it’s catching up. iOS and iPadOS 15 are a huge step forward for HomeKit and HomePod Mini. If you’re a user of Apple’s service, everything here is good news for you.

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